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MistPro™ Water Mister for Patio

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Discover the Refreshing Comfort of a Standing Water Mister for Patio


Elevate your outdoor relaxation with our Standing Water Mister for Patio. Experience a refreshing oasis right in your own backyard. This innovative mister creates a fine mist that cools the air, making your patio a comfortable retreat even in the hottest weather. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, sweltering afternoons and hello to soothing coolness.


Standing Feature:

Our outdoor water misters are designed to stand independently and are equipped with four shape-memory tubing sections. The maximum height of the water stand reaches 19.6 inches. this system is incredibly versatile and can be easily utilized in various outdoor settings, such as patios and decks, for efficient cooling.

Easy Setup

Setting up our misting system is a breeze. Simply follow the manual to connect the standing misting tubing to the base, and then attach your garden hose. With no power or energy consumption, this system not only saves you money but also promotes an environmentally friendly approach. The package includes 1x 8m Misting Line, 1x Stand Base, 1x Extension Pipe, 1 set of Standing Tubing, 1x Wrench, 1x Teflon tape, 2x Spare Brass Nozzles for Replacement, 1x Water switch, 1x Manual.


Elevate Your Outdoor Experience Today

Don't let the summer heat deter you from enjoying your patio oasis. Embrace the cooling power of the Standing Water Mister for Patio and create lasting memories in comfort. From leisurely afternoons to outdoor gatherings, this portable water mister enhances every moment with its revitalizing mist. Take action now to transform your patio into a haven of cool tranquility.

With our Standing Water Mister for Patio, you're just a step away from ultimate relaxation. Bid farewell to stifling temperatures and embrace the joys of a cooler, more comfortable outdoor space. Reimagine your patio as a refreshing haven – take action today and experience the revitalizing difference for yourself.


Your MistPro™ will be packaged and shipped within 24 hours of ordering. Tracking info will be emailed to you once the order has been shipped. Shipping will take 2-4 days. 


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