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Spotting Scope With Tripod

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The Spotting Scope For Outdoors combines ultra-powerful multicoated optics for superior brightness, high quality resolution, and crystal clear clear when spotting outdoors. Along with an eyepiece to view through the scope, the spotting scope can also be equipped with a phone or camera stand for quick recording.

best handheld spotting scope

Whether it's watching stars and moons at night or observing planets or outdoors spotting the birds and animals, this spotting outdoors scope is the perfect fit for all situations. Depending on the variation chosen, the magnification can be zoomed in roughly 20x to 60x.

The observation angle is at roughly 45 degrees while the objective lens diameter ranges from 50mm to 70mm. Best part of all, the bird spotting scope is extremely easy to assemble and dismount. Simply follow the paper and/or video installation guide provided in the package for a quick setup.

Hunting Scope


Large aperture - The spotting scope has a 76mm aperture which helps provide more light and clearer images. The bigger the aperture, the bigger the field of vision, and the clearer the image.

Quick View Focus - Due to the 700m focal length, the outdoor spotting scope is easily able to find and focus on objects. Whether you want to see the moon in the distance or the trees across the road, the outdoors scope can help you quickly target.

Easy Setup - Our spotting scope comes with a full set of paper and video Installation Guides. Don't worry about any installation problems. This is the best spotting scope simply because it can be set up without any external tools.

It comes with your choice of the desktop tripod stand or the larger full standing tripod. Fits all standard base and stand accessories.