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Fast & Free Shipping On All US Orders

SliderPro™ Sock Helper

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Effortless Dressing with Sock Slider: Your Ultimate Sock Helper and Aid

Introducing the Sock Slider – your ultimate solution for hassle-free sock application. Say goodbye to the struggle of bending, stretching, and tugging, and say hello to a revolutionary device designed to make putting on socks a breeze. Whether you're dealing with mobility issues, post-surgery recovery, or simply looking for added convenience, our Sock Slider is here to transform your daily routine.

Navigating the intricacies of putting on socks can be a challenge, especially for individuals with limited mobility. Our Sock Slider acts as your personal sock aid, allowing you to effortlessly slide your socks onto your feet without straining. Its innovative design ensures a smooth and efficient process, freeing you from the frustrations of traditional sock applications.

Designed for all ages and abilities, the Sock Slider is a game-changer in accessible dressing. Its user-friendly features include a cradle that holds the sock in place and a handle that provides a comfortable grip for smooth gliding. With the Sock Slider, independence is restored, and the simple act of getting dressed becomes a more enjoyable experience.

Compact, portable, and easy to use, our Sock Slider is perfect for home use and travel. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an essential addition to your daily routine. Whether you're recovering from surgery, dealing with arthritis, or seeking a convenient tool to simplify your dressing routine, the Sock Slider delivers unparalleled assistance.


  • Mobility Limitations

Perfect for elderly people or those that have mobility limitations that would prevent them from being able to bend over and tie their shoes.

  • Injuries

For those that suffer a back or leg injury, make recovery a bit easier with SliderPro™. Make putting on your socks easier so you don't risk re-injuring yourself.

  •  Pregnancy

For pregnant women, the simple act of putting on socks can become a real chore, and someone is not always around to help. This simple device helps you gain back your independence.

      HOW DO I USE IT?

      Putting on your socks has never been easier and faster!

      SliderPro™ comes with a handle that functions as a shoehorn. This sock-helper device detaches into small parts that are easy to store and pack with your luggage.

      1. Roll the cuff of your sock all the way down the SliderPro™ with the heel side down.
      2. With the sock in place and the toe near the top, lower the SliderPro™ onto the floor using the handle.
      3. Gently lower your foot into the open sock until it is completely inside the sock.
      4. The handle can be used to keep the cradle of the SliderPro™ in place.

      Embrace the convenience of stress-free sock application with the Sock Slider. Enhance your daily life, regain your confidence, and reduce the physical strain associated with dressing. Experience the freedom to effortlessly put on socks without assistance, and reclaim control over your morning routine.

      Invest in a tool that values your comfort and well-being. Elevate your dressing experience with the Sock Slider – the ultimate sock helper and aid that's redefining convenience one step at a time. Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to smoother mornings with the Sock Slider by your side.


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