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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine Generator

Believe it or not, just breathing clearly and easily is a luxury to some people. Having access to highly concentrated oxygen is an extremely effective method to quickly improve breathing, but devices that did this often were only available in medical facilities. But not anymore!
Best Oxygen Concentrator
If you, or someone you live with, needs regular access to concentrated oxygen and a purifier, then this Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine Generator may be an extremely important purchase. With a built-in nebulizer, up to two people at a time can comfortably breathe in purified and concentrated oxygen for an extended period of time. As mentioned, these devices were once only available within the medical community but now your home can have access to its own affordable portable oxygen concentrator. This machine is very easy to operate and has a prominent display that clearly shows the time remaining, power flow, and oxygen concentration. When someone’s breathing is in jeopardy, it’s important to act quickly – and now you can from the comfort of home.


Large, Bright LCD Screen: O2 concentration levels, O2 flow, and session time remaining are all distinctly displayed on the large, bright screen on the top of the generator machine.

Transportable And Lightweight: Weighing less than 15lbs, this machine also has a convenient fold-down handle which makes for easy carrying wherever it is needed around your home.

Noise Reduced Design: Calmly relax and reduce tension while receiving your oxygen therapy as this device is designed to produce oxygen yet not at the expense of quiet.

Large Range Of O2 Output: Adjust the concentration levels of oxygen between 30%-96%, depending on how serious your breathing problem is. The device can emit oxygen into a room for a more gradual and slow release, or you can connect a tube and mask for quicker and more direct inhalation.

Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Ease Worrying: Put your mind at ease when you are in need of concentrated oxygen as you have a device to help you close by. No more nervous doctors visits.

Breathe Better: Get purified and concentrated oxygen delivered directly into your airways and lungs to speedily and effectively improve your breathing and clear airways.

Good For Travel: You won’t have to go without access to concentrated oxygen any longer. This device is compact and travel-friendly, so you may take it on the road and ensure a trip that is free of breathing difficulty.

Get Better Quality Sleep: With better quality air being breathed in during sleep, you’ll sleep better and reap other associated health benefits from a good night’s sleep.

Great For Allergies: The device provides clean and purified air, which can be highly effective for acute allergy sufferers especially during peak seasons.

Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator


  • Input power: 90W
  • Voltage: AC110V - 240V
  • Rated current : 0.8A
  • Oxygen concentrating: 90%~95%
  • Outflow: 1~5L/min
  • Oxygen identification: Tasteless, colorless, combustion-supporting gas
  • Working noise: below 45dB
  • Product size: 325mm(L)*198mm(W)*323mm(H)
  • Outflow:  1-5L/M
  • Oxygen purity:  30%-90%
  • Technology:  PSA
  • Pressure:0.02-0.04MPa

Healthylivin Oxygen Concentrator

What Does The Package Include: 

  • 1 X Oxygen Concentrator