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Portable Oxygen Concentrator for cars



  • Oxygen production + atomization + anion
  • power supply:12V 2A
  • Host weight: 1.88kg
  • Host size: 295*210*78mm
  • Oxygen output: 1L/min
  • Principle of oxygen production: Under the action of pressure, the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent for oxygen and nitrogen is different to separate oxygen and nitrogen. Using a molecular sieve as the adsorption medium, oxygen and nitrogen in the air are separated to obtain high-concentration oxygen.
  • Multiway of oxygen intake: Comes with a headset, oxygen tube, and nose clip type oxygen tube. You can select your desired comfort mode. Suitable for older people, children, pregnant women, students, outdoor sportsmen, homemakers, altitude sickness patients, brain workers, etc.
  • Double clean filter: The all-new oxygen concentrator machine is powered by a double clean filter (biochemical cotton filter and oxygen permeable membrane filter) system for killing bacteria, viruses, and contaminants, which provides you high concentrations of oxygen.
  • Timing function: The timing function has the capacity of 40mins
  • Flow Rate: 1-1.2L/min
  • Extremely efficient for patients who follow a physical activity routine. To ensure your energy needs are satisfied, Concentrator will deliver micro and rapid oxygen bursts during physical activity. Whenever the shallower respiration rate is detected by the device, a wider bolus of oxygen will be delivered to match your natural breathing pattern and needs

Package Includes:

  • Host + oxygen tube + atomizing cup + household power supply + car power supply + manual