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High-Quality Laser level (Mileseey )

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You may want to know

1.How many meters is the laser range of the laser level?
A: In a general indoor environment, the use distance of the red light level can reach 13 meters. If the indoor area is large or for door and window installation, it is recommended to use a green light level.

2. What is the laser linewidth of the laser level?
A: Red laser level: 1mm(5m),green laser level:2mm(5m).As the distance increases, the laser line becomes thicker.

3. Can the laser level be used outdoors?
A: Yes, but it is better to use a laser level indoors than outdoors.
Because the laser beam is red or green, while the sun is the combination of seven-color light. The stronger the sunlight is, the darker the laser would be.
If you have to work in the sun, you can use polarized sunglasses or cooperate with the receiver (polarized sunglasses and receiver are not included in the package).